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Crown and BridgeTreatment at Dublin Reserve Dental Group

Experience Our Dental Skills and Dedication Firsthand

Restorative dentistry is a crucial cornerstone of the care we provide here in Dublin, OH. Helping patients regain healthy smiles and a sense of self-confidence is important to our team, and we work hard to infuse both kindness and quality into every appointment. Whether you’re dealing with structural damage to your enamel or several missing teeth that desperately need replacement, we can provide the precise and personalized care you need to get back to smiling as soon as possible.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a reliable staple of the dental world, and they can be used in several common applications, including the correction of badly misshapen or broken teeth, creating a more natural look, or even fixing chewing problems. They can even relieve unexplained pain in back teeth that have been filled, which often experience hairline cracks.  Fitting a crown usually takes two appointments – at the first appointment, we will thoroughly clean and prepare the affected area before covering it with a temporary crown. Then, once your permanent crown is finished, you’ll return so that we can carefully place your new crown, revitalizing both the health and appearance of the tooth in question.

Our recent in-office testing of single visit crown technology showed the quality in those systems to be lacking, and for the foreseeable future we will maintain two visit crown technology, hoping someday single visit crowns will be viable.  We also remove far less of the tooth with our two visit technique.  For the past several years we have been fabricating an all ceramic crown with comparable strength toa metal crown. This crown technique requires much less tooth reduction than older techniques.

Dental Bridges

For patients who desire a sturdy and durable tooth replacement option in a quicker time frame than dental implants can allow, dental bridges are often considered the ideal treatment choice. A bridge requires the patient to have two or more adjacent teeth to hold the bridge securely in place inside the mouth resulting in a solid fit that feels natural. Dental bridges allow replacement of missing teeth quickly, and they offer much more stability than their removable counterparts. Plus, we’ll take our time to design them to meet your exact measurements and even compliment your features. Your satisfaction and contentment is always our main goal!

Contact Dublin Reserve Dental Group today to schedule an appointment with our team. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have, whether they’re about crowns, bridges, or our other available dental services. It’s our goal to make dental care a much more enjoyable experience for you and your family than it’s been in the past. We’ll work hard to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them in the most pleasant way possible. You deserve to enjoy a smile that’s both beautiful and healthy for years to come! Located in Dublin, OH, we also serve the areas of Jerome, Powell, Hilliard, Marysville, Plain City, Worthington, Westerville and beyond.