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Snore Guards

Experiencing Relief from Snoring with a Custom-Made Snore Guard

What keeps you from a full night of sleep? For many couples around the world, it’s snoring. Whether you struggle with a mild, moderate, or severe case, its impact can be significant. Snoring can keep you and your partner from sleeping as deeply as you’d like, and it can cause friction between you, potentially harming what is otherwise a healthy relationship.  

Thankfully, relief is possible with a snore guard. A snore guard is a custom-made device similar to an orthodontic retainer that’s worn during sleep. If your snoring is caused by a constricted airway—as many cases of snoring are—your snore guard will reposition your jaw so that air can have an easier time getting to your lungs.

In some cases a snore guard will also help patients who are struggling with sleep apnea, since many cases of this condition are also caused by constricted airways.

If you snore and you think you might also be struggling with sleep apnea, call our Dublin dental office to schedule a consultation appointment. One of our dentists would be happy to talk to you about your situation and your treatment options. A snore guard may just be your way to a better night of sleep.